The Human Centipede III (Final Sequence) (2015)

The Human Centipede III

IMDB rate: 3,2
Genre: Mad Scientist, Comedic
Starring: Dieter Laser, Laurence R. Harvey, Eric Roberts, Bree Olson

The Human Centipede.. what a ride it has been. It started with the first Human Centipede movie which turned out to be the only movie from The Netherlands that I actually somewhat liked. The story was original and it all worked out pretty good I think. The second Human Centipede (The Full Sequence) movie was actually just plain awful. It really was just made to shock and had no interesting value whatsoever. The third movie was an entirely different story though, for some reason it tries to be comedic and tries to make fun of itself. It's not horror at all anymore, it's not shocking, disgusting or anything close to the first two parts. It tries to be funny, but fails at that pretty badly as well.

Bully prison warden Bill Boss, leading a big state prison in the USA, has a lot of problems; his prison statistically has the highest amount of prison riots, medical costs and staff turnover in the country. But foremost he is unable to get the respect he thinks he deserves from his inmates and the state Governor. He constantly fails in experimenting with different ideas for the ideal punishment to get the inmates in line, which drives him, together with the sizzling heat, completely insane. Under threats of termination by the Governor, his loyal right hand man Dwight comes up with a brilliant idea. A revolutionary idea which could change the American prison system for good and save billions of dollars. An idea based on the notorious Human Centipede movies, that will literally and figuratively get the inmates on their knees, creating the ultimate punishment and deterrent for anyone considering a life of crime. Having nothing to lose, Bill and Dwight create a jaw-dropping 500-person prison centipede.

While I thought Dieter Laser performed excellent in the first part, I was annoyed as hell watching him in this movie. Sure, maybe he played his role as lunatic prison boss well, but it was hard to look at that while being annoyed so much. His shouting, screaming and blurting did not make sense most of the time. Sidekick Laurence R Harvey had a role with more lines this movie, but while I hated The Human Centipede II, I thought his silence role was more impressive compared to this cartoon-like performance.

Speaking of cartoon-like, I think the whole movie is comparable with a bad cartoon. Everything happening is over-the-top and doesn't make sense whatsoever. The dialogues are as unimaginative as in a bad cartoon and so are most performances. I think the best word for this movie is immature.

The first Human Centipede was a shocking and refreshing movie in my opinion, I liked it a lot. The second Human Centipede didn't make a whole lot of sense but certainly didn't fail to shock. The third Human Centipede however was boring, unimaginative and not fun to watch at all. It didn't even try to shock which I thought was a shame.

I like shocking movies, they often bring what others couldn't. A human centipede of 500 persons isn't more shocking than the one of 3 persons, or 12 for that matter. It all comes to the same conclusion which is that it's just a chain of people eating each others shit. This movie tries to make fun of itself, but really it's just 2 hours of useless screaming surrounded with... no story at all actually. In my opinion just watch the first movie and avoid the other two, maybe if you're into shocking shit without any story whatsoever watch the second one, but the third one, just a big no.

My rate: 1/10


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